February Firsts

As we’re into our second month of the year, the youth in Honduras begin their first week of classes. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 889,116 youth in Honduras between the ages of 3 and 17 will not study in any school in 2019. This represents 30.5% of the child population in Honduras. As an organization providing hope, this is precisely why we encourage education and value it so much. We know it can help their futures and the generations beyond. We are so thankful to all of you who contribute. In January, we were able to raise $150 through a Facebook post, enough to enroll 5 boys of Senderos Orphanage in school. We were also able to help them with supplies for the year and signed up an additional student for English classes! Congratulations Emerson for earning a Heart4Honduras scholarship to learn English. Celebrations for Camilo too! Camilo passed his beginner English class and is moving on to 2nd level English this semester. He’s so very proud of himself and he sends his love out to all of you who support him and his learning. You are making a world of difference.

Our Mentor Program

Our Heart4Honduras program director just celebrated a birthday! Every year since 2015 when I met Ernesto Sorto, we’ve celebrated his birthday together. One year we helped rent a bouncy house and had a huge party with 40+ boys at Senderos de Amor Orphanage. Another year, we brought rice and beans 20+ families living in the poor community along Rio Blanco in San Pedro Sula. This year, we had cake and snacks and lots of eggs. See, it’s a tradition in Honduras to smash an egg on the head of the person having the birthday. However, this year, Ernesto told the boys it was Lesbi’s birthday (one of our H4H volunteers), so she was doused with much love and eggs until Ernesto fessed up that it was actually his birthday! He was then showered with the same affection. Much joy was shared on Ernesto’s special day.

City Hope
Recently on our Sunday’s visits with the boys, we’ve been bringing them to City Hope Church services. They sing and dance to the upbeat contemporary music and enjoy hearing pastor’s message. Afterwards, Ernesto and our H4H volunteer squad eat at a local restaurant. We want to encourage and grow their love and faith in our Lord Jesus because we know with Him all things are possible. Matt 19:26


IMG_0416Since Alex’s return to his family in Choloma, he’s had little success finding a job. He’s 18 years old with a 7th grade education and certificate for completing a year of baking class. There’s so much unemployed in Honduras, it leaves Alex at a real disadvantage. Although he’s not part of the orphanage anymore, we’ve continued to keep in contact with him. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, in December we were able to buy his family groceries for the holiday. In January, he expressed an interest in going back to school, so he contacted the public school in Choloma and given his economic status, they granted him a scholarship for the year! We celebrate and are very proud of him for taking the initiative to further his education. To continue our support for his future, we bought him the necessary school supplies he needed for the start of his new school year. Prayers needed for him to complete another year of schooling.

51813402_262234644675981_8534563998174019584_n.jpgCamilo is an ambitious teenager who is eager to learn English. Like I mentioned, he passed the first level and is onto the 2nd level class. He’s very energetic and prefers to walk or ride a bike to classes rather than take public transportation. He’s been texting me through Facebook recently and is trying out his English writing skills. Maybe one day soon we’ll even be able to have a video call to practice speaking.


Alex-IvanLast month as we mentioned, Ivan moved into his new apartment after the family he was living with made the voyage to the U.S. with the caravan out of San Pedro Sula. Good NEWS! Two weeks ago, Ivan got a job working in a local restaurant. He works about 12 hours a day, but this provides him with enough income to be self-sufficient. Our program director, Ernesto Sorto, continues to meet up with him once a week to help mentor him into independence.

51814895_2228876860764321_435928503255302144_n.jpgEmerson is newest teen we’ve taken under our wing. We’ve known Emerson for over three years now, and he recently asked to apply for a scholarship to learn English. He was accepted and we signed him up last week. He’s really excited and is thankful for this opportunity.

Thank you very much for your help and collaboration, each of your donations are building a new future for Honduras.

– Julie Sorensen, Founder of Heart4Honduras Inc

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