About Us

At 18 years old, many orphans are released from orphanages to their own fate with no support finding themselves homeless, without a job and with few skills to live. The lure of crime to survive in this country is real. And thus, the cycle of poverty continues for many. Our programs are designed to integrate youth safely from orphanage into society, and stop the cycle of poverty from continuing in Honduras.

We currently employ and have Heart4Honduras (H4H) volunteers who work with orphanages in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They organize fun activities such as hiking, trips to the beach, soccer games, and volunteer outreaches. We are also partnered with Identity Mission to run weekly devotionals at the homes. These opportunities allow for our H4H mentors and volunteers to form friendships with the youth allowing us to speak into their lives. We encourage them to learn English, stay in school, and help with any emotional issues that arise.


“Why should I study?” is the name of our monthly workshop that we present in a different place each month. In Honduras, many young people have no desire to study and move forward to get out of poverty. With our program, we can change the mentality of many youth so they can be exemplary citizens in society.

Our presentation will speak to the youth from different homes and places of extreme poverty which include the following:

At each workshop, we will select someone who will give their testimony of how he/she has overcome the obstacles of life to move forward and study.

Educational Talk
One of our speakers will talk about the benefits of education and the personal impact it has had on their life.

Aptitude Test
We will deliver an aptitude test to participating youth.

At the end of each presentation we will talk about the opportunity to have a scholarship with our program which includes covering educational expenses to study which include covering the student’s transportation costs as well.

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