June Newsletter 2018:


Jumping June!

Last week started the beginning days of summer! What better time to update everyone on the newest events happening with Heart4Honduras. Over Memorial Day weekend, Evan and I attended Identity Mission’s Orphan Care Conference in Honduras. We really had no idea what to expect. And, not speaking the language, made attending this event even more uncertain. However, with every trip, we continually learn to trust in the process of growing in God’s strength, protection and guidance. And sure enough… He showed up in a BIG way. When we arrived at the San Pedro Sula airport, Ernesto and Alex welcomed us back with a sign, smiles and hugs. We then met up with one of the conference’s keynote speakers, Dr. Delia Pop. This was her first trip to Honduras, and the 5 of us piled into our little rental and headed for the mountains of Siguatepeque where the 3-day IM conference was being held. We stopped along the way at a local market to introduce her to some of our favorite snacks, Zambos and Caribas. And then, had lunch at the lake enjoying whole fried fish and plantains. We had some laughs and good conversation which made the two hour drive pass quickly. And, Delia had a chance to discover a sliver of why we love Honduras so much. It was a privilege to travel with such a brilliant mind who carries a heart to change, not only lives, but the world.

Over the course of the next couple of days, we learned about and discussed orphan care and best practices within organizations. We met people doing this work in Honduras and were even able to enjoy and bond with some of the leaders we currently work with from CREA, Transition Honduras, and Identity Mission. We came away feeling inspired, yet filled with a mountain of information to incorporate into our plan for our transition house and mentor programs.

The conference ended on Saturday afternoon. We then traveled to Peña Blanca to stay at our coffee supplier, D&D Brewery. We purchased 50 lbs of coffee to bring back to the states. Sunday, we spent our last day celebrating Honduras and Alex’s 18th birthday. We went kayaking and toured Honduras’ famous Pulha waterfall where Evan, Ernesto and Alex jumped into the water from ungodly heights. In these moments, we were able to experience what Bob Goff describes as ‘thin places’ where the veil between heaven and earth is so transparent you can practically touch the other side: memories to cherish for a lifetime.

At the end of the day, after a bumpy ride, we returned to our home in the city where our very own H4H Volunteer Squad made us a traditional Honduran meal. Alex helped shop and prepare the food, and Ivan joined us for dinner. It was a special occasion, like so many we have there, experiencing each other as family.

In the morning before departing, we returned Alex to CREA Hogar, and all the boys and leaders from the home greeted us with a celebration. We were completely surprised and overwhelmed with their outpouring of love. They had put up decorations, made a sign with Julie and Evans on the wall, sang us songs, said some nice words on our behalf, had a cake and snacks, and exchanged lots of hugs and tears. Afterwards, we gave them H4H donated supplies: deodorant, powder, toothbrushes, toothpaste, clothing and some shoes. Your donations were so appreciated by all and we experienced their thankfulness on your behalf. I’m always amazed at what a little deodorant can do for a teen’s ego. We had limited time during this trip so a few donations were purchased and given after we left. We were able to buy a month’s supply of diapers for the special needs at Senderos de Amor, and we’re taking the boys at CREA to the beach in the next few weeks.

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity. Your gifts and donations are changing lives and really are making a world of difference.

– Julie Sorensen, Founder


Coffee is Here!

Looking for some great coffee? Fresh from the mountains of Honduras, we are selling 1 lb bags of ground and whole bean coffee. Please email, call, text or Facebook message us with your order @ julie@heart4honduras.org, +1-603-490-9397, or facebook

Rock Run RaiserRock Run Raiser
Registration is now open! Our 2 mile adventure race will be held October 21, 2018. Proceeds will support Heart4Honduras and other local charities. This fun event is open to all levels. Sign up today and get dirty for good!


Mentor-ProgramWeekly Mentoring at Senderos
Our weekly Saturdays are spent nurturing children of all ages who live at Senderos de Amor Hogar, home to 50+ boys. Each week, our H4H volunteers visit, play soccer, share a snack, sing songs and hear a message from our very own Ernesto Sorto. Through this program, H4H and Identity Mission mentor, foster and teach the children of this home what it means to be a child of God and be truly loved.


The Alexander House Update
We have raised over $5,700 to date! We’re over 50% to our $10,000 goal to open our first transition house for orphaned teens. We would love for our home to open this year, so please consider helping. BECOME A MONTHLY DONOR today and receive a free bag of coffee! Its our way of saying Thank You for supporting our programs.

Many thanks to our current donors and all that help with us through support and prayers! Together we are making a world of difference! 

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