July/August Newsletter 2018:

Rethinking our Thinking

First, many thanks go out to our monthly donors. Through your donations we are able to run our weekly mentor programs to spread the love, joy and wisdom of God to the least of those in our world.

Secondly, thank you to all who have donated through our birthday fundraisers. Over the last couple of months we’ve been able to raise over $900 towards our ministry. Thanks so much for your support in helping our mission: Providing hope to the future of Honduras.

Speaking of our mission, as I mentioned in my last newsletter, we gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from Identity Mission’s Orphan Care Conference we attended at the end of May. The conference primarily focused on the detriments of children in orphanages and the importance of keeping families together whenever possible. This prompted each one of us to “Rethink our Thinking” around running a transition home. While in theory our transition home seemed like a good solution (especially for those whose safety are compromised returning to gang infested neighborhoods), after the conference, we were all convicted to not open another orphanage. We came away knowing that our home truly would have to be a very temporary situation with a push for each resident to become independent as quickly as reasonably possible.


Ruben Alexander RiveraAlex, the young man we’ve been mentoring since 2011, also attended the conference. He too came away with the importance of family. Since my last newsletter, Alex had some disagreements in his home at CREA, and they parted ways. Without a place to live, his family invited him to return to his home in Choloma, and Alex decided to move back home to his family. He has found work as an assistant in a tire shop. And, although it is difficult, and he’s working six days a week, he is happy to be with his siblings and family. This Sunday he will begin mentoring with our H4H Volunteer Squad at Senderos de Amor.

“Sometimes life will not go as you planned.
When this happens, breathe and remember that life’s richness
often comes from its unpredictability.”

Ivan, the other 18 year old who was to be in our transition home, has also moved out of his orphanage, Senderos de Amor. He is currently living with a friend and his family and has found a temporary job working for Coca-cola. On Sundays (his day off), Ivan is one of our H4H volunteers helping out his ‘brothers’ at Senderos. This past weekend, he was able to go with our Ernesto, H4H’s activity director, to a Christian concert. So wonderful to see how God continues working in his life.

So, since two of our young men already have housing, where does that leave our transition home? To be responsible and “Rethink our Thinking.” While we are in this planning stage, we are continuing our weekly visits to Senderos and supporting any immediate needs that arise. This month, we are donating $100 worth of diapers for the special needs residents at Senderos de Amor. Our future plans for H4H programming include: scholarships to learn English (by application only), group home field-trips once a month, and life-skill training workshops at multiple resident locations. More details to come!!!

Ernesto at Senderos

We can’t thank you enough for your continued generosity. Your gifts and donations are changing lives and really are making a world of difference.

– Julie Sorensen, Founder


Looking for some great coffee? Fresh from the mountains of Honduras, we are selling 1 lb bags of ground and whole bean coffee. All proceeds go to supporting our programs.  Please email, call, text or Facebook message us with your order @ julie@heart4honduras.org, +1-603-490-9397, or facebook

Rock Run RaiserRock Run Raiser
Registration is now open! Our 2 mile adventure race will be held October 13, 2018. Proceeds will support Heart4Honduras, veterans, and overcoming addiction charities. This fun event is open to all levels. Sign up today and get dirty for good!


Mentor-ProgramWeekly Mentoring at Senderos
Our weekly Saturdays/Sundays are spent nurturing children of all ages who live at Senderos de Amor Hogar, home to 50+ boys. Each week, our H4H volunteers visit, play games, share a snack, sing songs and hear a message from our very own Ernesto Sorto. Through this program, H4H and Identity Mission mentor, foster and teach the children of this home what it means to be a child of God and truly loved.

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