July News 2019

Thank you for your interest and support for our ministry

State of Honduras

The country of Honduras continues to be in a state of chaos. Since the re-election of their Prime Minister in November 2017, Honduras has been in a state of unrest.  Corruption and violence continues to plague this beautiful country. 

In the last month, with protests at any turn, Ernesto, our program director, had difficulties getting around the city to do his work. His university was closed for an entire month delaying his graduation date. And there were gasoline shortages because protests did not allow entry of fuel into the whole country.  

Those most affected were small private companies in Honduras. Commercial flow came to a halt with the protests causing small businesses to falter and have to close their facilities.

Currently, the Honduran government is not looking to resolve the conflict and responds to the protests in a violent way, leading to gunshot wounds, people killed by the police and public hatred towards its own country. As the government continues to invest more into armaments and military, gangs have also increased in their illicit activities. 

How Heart4Honduras is Providing Hope

Despite the country’s circumstances, through your support, Heart4Honduras has continued with our work to make a difference in the lives of the children and teens we serve. The following are highlights of the month from Ernesto:

  1. This month we visited City Hope Church with the boys from Senderos de Amor. We played games, led devotionals and met many youth visiting from the United States giving Camilo and Emerson an opportunity to practice their English.
  1. Stephanie, Camilo and Emerson continue their English classes. All are doing well have good attendance.
  1. Outing to the Fair: In the month of July, the city of San Pedro Sula celebrates its anniversary, so we took the kids to an amusement park where they played games and went on rides. The joy on their faces was priceless!
  1. Weekly devotionals are held at Ernesto’s house with the boys from Senderos and teens from City Hope Church. This is a time when we play games, share snacks, hear a message and enjoy a good evening hanging out together.
  1. Lastly, some of the youth from Senderos are now serving in church activities. They WANT to serve others. Praise God! Definitely one of the biggest change we’ve seen in these boys’ lives…

Thank you for your devotion and support to our mission. Together we are truly making a world of difference! 

Ivan, Alex, Víctor and Henry

We met these 4 boys almost 4 years ago on  our first mission trip to Honduras and have supported them in different ways and maintained contact since then. Today, Ivan and Victor work full time and live on their own in San Pedro Sula. Last year, Henry relocated to the U.S. seeking asylum, goes to high school, plays soccer, works, and lives independently and has plans to attend college after graduation. Alex recently moved into his own room and is actively seeking employment. We are grateful all 4 have experienced God’s hand in their lives and continue to share their faith journey and experiences with us. Prayers for their protection and focus always welcome.

RockRunRaiser 2019 

Registration is now open for our biggest fundraiser of the year. Signup as an individual runner, form a team and/or share the event with others who may be interested. It’s a fun time where we can all “Get Dirty for Good!” Proceeds also benefit the Austin17 House in Brentwood, NH and For Our Community initiatives through Rock Church Ministeries.

Event date and time: Saturday, October 19th, 2019, 9am

Website: http://www.rockrunraiser.com/

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rock-Run-Raiser-1780766398901608/

From all of us at Heart4Honduras, hope this finds you enjoying your summer. Many blessings to you and yours in Jesus’ name,

Julie, Ernesto and our H4H Volunteer Squad 

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