Meet Us


Julie Sorensen, Founder and President
I’m the founder and president of Heart4Honduras. At the heart of it all, I began this organization by simply doing my primary job: being a mom. In September 2015, I followed my daughter Hannah on a mission trip to Honduras and became a mom in my heart to a boy named Alex. Since then, we’ve been fostering him from 3,000+ miles away and its led us to forming Heart4Honduras: not just for one but for many. By day, I’m an art director and by night, I live, eat and breathe helping teens in Honduras. My hope is that through our work we can provide a better future for this country that holds a piece of my heart.


Evan Sorensen, Vice President
Evan and I have known each other since grammar school. We met in Mrs. Caruso’s class in Dracut, Massachusetts in 4th grade. I had a crush on him then and still do to this day. We re-met in college in 1992 and the rest is history. He’s the love of my life, but also someone I’m so very proud to call my husband. Evan got his graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Caifornia. Over the years, he worked with Alzheimer patients, AIDS victims, foster and adopted children and the mentally disabled as a counselor, social worker and director at several organizations. Currently, Evan owns his own practice called the New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy. This year, he is my husband of 25 years, my confidant, our family’s spiritual leader and my best friend. And oh yeah, he’s Heart4Honduras’ Vice President. Thanks for supporting me, keeping me sane and in line. Couldn’t/wouldn’t do this without you.

Bethany Sargent, Chairman of the Board
Bethany is one of those quiet powerhouse people who sits under the radar and all of a sudden comes out of nowhere and is the brightest star in the sky! We’ve known Bethany for many years and have slowly grown closer through her desire for medicine and my desire to help Honduras. She’s currently a full-time Human Physiology student at Boston University, works as a medical scribe, an EMT and an intern at a dermatology practice and is applying for graduate school. Phew! A hard working, ambitious woman with a kind heart. And, to top it off, she loves Honduras too! Thank you, thank you Bethany for joining us to make a world of difference.

Elijah Sorensen, Vice-Chairman of the Board
Eli is my son. The moment looked into his eyes 20 years ago, I saw a wise old soul observing, cautious, wondering who I was and what his life would bring. He’s been nothing short of an amazing person to raise and get to know. Today, he’s a student at the University of New Hampshire studying Environmental Engineering. He’s a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, has participated in several of their fundraisers and currently, he’s the chairman for Heart4Honduras leading our board meetings when he’s on break from school. To this day, from those beautiful blue green eyes, he never ceases to bless me with his wisdom. Thanks for bringing your youth and thoughtfulness to our team.

Hannah Sorensen, Co-founder and Secretary
Hannah is the heart behind Heart4Honduras and also our beautiful daughter. I would’ve never ventured to Honduras if it wasn’t for her desire and compassion to help others. At 18 months old, I remember her barely able to walk and talk rushing over to help a boy who broke his arm in the neighborhood. She has an unwavering spirit of faith and a tenacious kindness for humanity. In her short life, she’s done missions in Honduras and Tanzania, shadowed doctors, helped with numorous fundraisers and served on their committees. Today, Hannah is a full-time high honor student studying Biomedical Science at the University of New Hampshire. She’s a member Chi Omega sorority and sits on the philanthropy board for her Chapter. In her copious free time, she works as a phlebotomist at Portsmouth Regional hospital in New Hampshire. She never ceases to amaze me and I continually grow as a better person being her mama. Thank you for all that you are to us in this journey!


Ernesto Sorto, Mentor, Foster Parent and Project Manager
I met Ernesto at Cinnabon on our first trip to Honduras in 2015. He shared with us about his volunteer work in his father’s medical clinic and we, in turn, shared about our work at the orphanage Senderos. Since then, he’s become an essential part of our organization. He’s the driving force in making anything happen in our ministry. He coordinates schooling, procures living quarters, buys groceries, arranges medical assistance, is dad, is brother, is pastor to all we serve and the list goes on… Ernesto lives in San Pedro Sula and has graduated as a law student at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras (UNAH). As our mentor and project manager, he always goes above and beyond in all that he does for us! He’s fun, he’s musically talented, has a heart for the Lord, and he’s one of my best friends. Thanks for all that you do to be our hands and feet in Honduras.


MacKenzie Jackson Smerdon, Board Member
Kenzie was part of our first mission team going to Honduras in September 2015. What I first noticed about her was how strikingly beautiful she was and still is today. But what I learned during our trip and since is that she’s even more beautiful on the inside. Her heart, passion and dedication to the people of Honduras proceeded mine and she truly was instrumental in keeping me spiritually focused on that first trip. Over the years, she has helped me support Alex by visiting him while she was living there, we’ve crossed paths at the airport on our own mission journeys, and today she sits as a member on our board. We are privileged to have her youthful, vibrant spirit helping us launch our nonprofit into success.


Patricia Casey, Board Member
Tish and I have been working together at Creative Co-op since 2007. 11 years of sharing work and home life together has brought us to admire one another as business partners, moms and good friends. She’s been intimately involved with knowing this journey I’ve been on in Honduras… from not wanting to even go, to missing it like crazy, to my first thoughts of supporting Alex, to hearing all of his troubles and successes, to now forming this next step as a nonprofit. I can’t thank her enough for all her love and support through it all. She even listens to my faith talk and inspirations, without thinking I’m totally insane… Tish is a wonderful asset to our team, has a brilliant mind for marketing, loves spreadsheets, and enjoys having fun in the process. Many thanks for her willingness to join and take this leap of faith with us.


Brenda Cooper, Board Member
I met Brenda at a mission team meeting a little over two years ago. I instantly fell in love with her polka dot glasses, her interest in photography, her slim physique, her natural warmth, and of course, her beautiful silver hair. A woman I can only dream to aspire to be. When we landed into San Pedro Sula airport, she whispered her heightened safety concern, and I knew we were kindred spirits. Her love for laughter and compassionate heart is something so very special, and I am grateful to call her my friend and board member.


Jim and Anne Lombard, Board Member
Jim and Anne Lombard are family… I’ve known Anne my whole life. We grew up across the field from one another. She is the first person I ever remember talking to me about God. She’s my confidant, my sister in Christ and life-long friend. Anne married Jim 15+ years ago, and he instantly fell into step. They are avid hikers, they’ve been on 2 mission trips together: Kenya and Haiti, they have been blessed with three children, all adopted & all different shades of beautiful. I don’t think I have proper words to describe Anne and Jim, but they are nothing short of amazing people and parents. Both offer the heart and experience to help support helping our organization. Thanks for being you…


Julie Michaud, Board Member
I have been friends with Julie Michaud since 2003. Our 2 same-aged boys would be in karate class, and our 2 same-aged girls would act like crazy monkeys outside the dojo. Having the same name as well, destined us to be friends. We’ve been through a lot of years together, wine parties, Halloweens and birthdays, women’s retreats, beach trips and boat rides… As our lives took different turns, our love for each other always remained. Our girls’ inseparable friendship always kept us connected. Sharing our mission trip to Honduras with our daughters was the start of a new beginning. I love watching Julie’s gifts. Her quiet patience and discernment is unmatched. And, I love seeing the joy of life shine through when she’s with her children. A steady, faithful, ever-loving mother to Hannah and friend to me. I can’t thank God enough for having her a part of my life and having her a part of our team.

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