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In the 80's, in a small town there was a mechanic. He was the best mechanic in town, and people traveled long distances to have him fix their cars because he was known as the best around. He fixed engines with great precision. But over the years, he grew older and slower, but people still... Continue Reading →

Blog 2 – Alexander’s Story

Just another day, but is it? After coming from school, I had dinner and changed my clothes, went down the stairs of the house, and then went outside to the backyard. I was eating something with Cholo (the house dog) and then looking up in the sky, I thought about the people who have been... Continue Reading →

Far from reality.

Have you ever thought that many things that we see as normal, other people see as a luxury? Eating in restaurants represents the daily living in our lives, going to the doctor is normal and netflix represents a very important need in our downtime, otherwise what would we do on our day off? I could... Continue Reading →

Blog 1 – Alexander’s Story

Hello, I hope you are well. Many times I think about the person I was and the person I am today. Sometimes I struggle and think about returning to the past but there is always something internal in me that stops me from doing so. Sometimes I have an inner struggle of what I want.... Continue Reading →

Supporting our country’s future

On Saturday, I went to the capital city Tegucigalpa, Honduras to spend a day with Youth for Honduras, a transition program for young adults. When I met Cathrine Sørensen, the director and co-founder, all I could think of were the thousands of questions I had for her. Thank God, she had lots of patience with... Continue Reading →

Apoyando el futuro de nuestro pais

El sábado fui a la Tegucigalpa, Honduras, nuestra capital para pasar un dia con los jóvenes de hnduras, un programa de transición para los jóvenes adultos. Cuando conocí a Catherine Sorensen,la directora y co-fundadora, todo lo que podía pensar era en miles de preguntas para ella. Gracias a Dios, ella tenia mucha paciencia conmigo. Llegamos... Continue Reading →


Monday of last week I shared a post about Ivan and our goal to open a transition house to help teens like him move from orphanage into independence. Later that same day, I found out Ivan has 1 month before he needs to leave the orphanage for good. Shocking… as reality hit. The next day... Continue Reading →

The Alexander House: A H4H Home

When thinking about orphans, we often think about young children without a family living in institutions. But, what happens once they get older? What happens to these children when they turn 18? Does the orphanage prepare them for the world outside? Do they have a place to stay? An education? A job? A community to... Continue Reading →

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