Local Restaurant Serves More Than Sushi

This week’s business hero is Sushi Time, a small local Japanese sushi/Chinese restaurant situated in Plaistow, New Hampshire. We first started dining there in 2007? when the restaurant was in one room with 6 booths, 4 tables and a 6 person sushi bar. I’ll never forget the first time going there. We had recently movedContinue reading “Local Restaurant Serves More Than Sushi”

Local Business Sheds Light into the World

This week’s business shout out goes to Post Woodworking and the couple behind the company, Dan and Lisa Post! In 2002, we met Dan while building our house. Not only did he do the groundwork for the home but he helped clear and develop the land where our horses would reside. He was always superContinue reading “Local Business Sheds Light into the World”

Life from the eyes of a boy raised in Honduras

Honduras, a country located in Central America, San Pedro Sula, Cortes. From a poor and dangerous community, they saw me grow up in streets full of dust, as the Bible says, dust we are and dust we will return, but in that neighborhood the young people daily have to resist being part of gangs. IContinue reading “Life from the eyes of a boy raised in Honduras”

Local Hair Salon Gives More Than Haircuts

This week’s business spotlight is on Shear Freedom! Situated in our town of Danville, NH, Trish Faucher is the owner and operator of this quaint beauty salon and one of my best friends. Her heart is as big as her personality. She’s always willing to be the first person to help anyone out and givesContinue reading “Local Hair Salon Gives More Than Haircuts”

Local Businesses Giving Back, With Love

Happy Wednesday and another opportunity to highlight one of our local business heroes: New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy (NEIMFT). Their founder, Evan Sorensen is not only our largest donor but also our biggest supporter, H4H’s Vice President, my husband, the father to our two children, Hannah and Elijah and my best friend.Continue reading “Local Businesses Giving Back, With Love”

Local Businesses Come Through

There are those along our journey as an organization who have continually and selflessly given us support. So, in the upcoming weeks, I want to take an opportunity to highlight a few businesses who have shared their resources to help the people we serve in Honduras. Creative Co-op, my employer, happens to be one ofContinue reading “Local Businesses Come Through”

It’s the little things…

I was always taught that it’s the little things we do that make a difference. I know some will read this and think, “What’s the big deal?” But the little things we do really does matter. Friday night, I went to ALDI ‘s to do some grocery shopping and realized I needed a quarter toContinue reading “It’s the little things…”

Blog 3 – Alexander’s Story

Hello, I hope you are well. I want to tell you something personal that I have felt and that has happened. While I have been in CREA, I have missed many events such as birthdays, graduations, dinners, trips, movies and other things and it is difficult to miss all those celebrations because they are ofContinue reading “Blog 3 – Alexander’s Story”