Business Highlight : giving through all outlets

A special highlight today, presenting not one, but two local businesses who support our organization. I’d like to introduce you to my mom, Lea and stepdad, Chris.

My mom and Chris have shown me continuous support, no matter what the endeavor might be. From countless cheerleading competitions, to school events (both high school and college), fundraisers, dinners and more … you can always count on seeing their faces in the audience ; not just for me but for each of their 5 children. There is truly never a dull moment

Their support and giving hearts don’t stop at extracurriculars – it extends into their respective businesses.

My mom has her own business through Young Living Essential Oils, called Abundance of Oils. Essential oils are a wholistic approach to aromatherapy and clean living. As a concentrated solution of 100% pure, therapeutic grade natural oil, it certainly extends beyond a lovely scent for your home. Each oil brings something new to the table : for example lavender can be grounding, calming and used in multiple DIY recipes such as soap, face scrub, and bath salts. She sells starter kits for those customers who are just starting out in their journey and walks beside them with education about each oil.

My stepdad Chris owns his own LLC called Production Line Controls. He serves multiple industrial businesses throughout the northeast by writing programs, and troubleshooting machines so that customers can continue to make product. He also teaches industrial controls at a local community college! Chris is a master technician, and from my perspective there isn’t a problem he doesn’t know how to fix!

It’s inspiring to see that not only in their personal lives do they give back to the community, but also through their work, day to day.

Thank you both for your unwavering support for Heart4Honduras! You give to everything you do in life, whether that be your family, your business, your friends or local organizations you believe in.

Love you always.


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