Local Businesses Come Through

There are those along our journey as an organization who have continually and selflessly given us support. So, in the upcoming weeks, I want to take an opportunity to highlight a few businesses who have shared their resources to help the people we serve in Honduras.

Creative Co-op, my employer, happens to be one of those real-life heroes, and Josh Weinstein is at the heart and soul of it. I’ve been working for Creative Co-op since 2004 beginning as a part-time freelancer. Today I am the company’s full-time art director. Over the years of working together, Josh’s compassion for others has always been something I’ve noticed and admired. He truly loves the creative work he does with his employees and for his clients. But he also truly cares for them as well. I guess that’s one of the many reasons I remain a Creative Co-op team member sixteen years later.

In the summer of 2015, Heart4Honduras wasn’t even a glimmer when Josh gave generously to our first mission trip to Honduras. It was shortly thereafter, that I began my passion and calling to help the future of this third-world country. And with every event and fundraiser I’ve had, Creative Co-op has participated. Josh has given material and monetary contributions, been a yearly sponsor at our Annual Rock Run Raiser event and sometimes he has simply lent an ear to listen or been there with kind words of encouragement.

I’m definitely a Creative Co-op fan! I love our collaborative marketing work. I also love the work we’ve done to support humanity. And together, we’re making a world of difference!

Published by Julie Sorensen

Living in southern NH, I am an art director, painter, runner, wife and mom to 3 amazing young people...

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