What Does Family Mean to You?

To me, human connection is the most gratifying part of being alive. A saying that I’m sure you’ve heard a version of drives this home for me… “People don’t remember what you were wearing, what you were driving, or even what you may have said to them, but people will always remember how you made them feel.” I open with this because I believe that family extends much deeper than the traditional use of the word. Connection with another person through similar characteristics, goals, ambitions, circumstances and feelings is what family means to me. I’ve had the privilege of having multiple “extended” families, each of which I hold so close to my heart. These people make me feel strong, confident, capable and loved.

Of course, H4H falls into this category. I’ve been involved with this organization for a short amount of time, but have never felt such a strong connection with people who have similar interests. We are bonded through experiences that have touched our souls in ways really only we can truly understand. I’m writing this today to extend a hand to those who also hold this interest, to those who feel passion and inspiration and who want to help change the lives of people just like us. To be a part of a family who not only works together, but also provides structure and support to anyone and everyone who is a part of this circle of giving. With open arms, we welcome you to join us.

What does family mean to you? In light of current events, I’ve witnessed so many acts of kindness and togetherness as people strive to help each other out. Family members walking the neighborhood, neighbors purchasing groceries for those who are high risk, strangers creating masks for the public due to a shortage in supplies. A family we often take for granted … who show their faces in hard times. Connect with those around you, or find a sense of family within yourself. Your corner always has more in it than you may initially perceive.

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