I have grown up in a Christian family all my life, have had the best example of parents, my mom has preached in many churches and my father is recognized as one of the exemplary doctors in San Pedro, which has helped thousands of children in the country, but … does that make me a good person?

At some point I have seen mistakes in my parents, to which they have always told me that they are not perfect, but every day they are under the change that Jesus makes in their lives. For many years it took me a while to believe this in my life and I could say that sometimes I even doubted my faith.

Last Sunday we did many experiments on how certain things react when merged, as well as vinegar and soda or Pepsi and mints. When these things merge, they come to react outside.

Likewise it is our lives when we have Jesus in our hearts, every cell of our body changes completely and everything we were, becomes different from what we will be, we will have afflictions, but that will not take away our joy, we will have pain , but we will have peace, we will have disappointments, but we will have consolation, our old life had an end; but our life in Jesus … will be eternal.

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