Our Happiness

In Honduras many children do not know what an iPad is, many children do not have video games in their lives, many people do not know what Netflix is, or what YouTube or Instagram is. We are in a time when technology absorbs us and we spend more time on our cell phone than with people whom we have the opportunity to share. Many people even have debts for having the latest cell phone with the best camera and they aren’t able to enjoy the nature and the small details that God gives us.

A few days ago, I was at Casa Hogar Senderos de Amor, on a very hot day. For those who do not know, San Pedro Sula is one of the hottest cities in Honduras, sweat is part of our daily life. All of a sudden, we saw that the sky become dark and a cold wind began moving the leaves of the trees and refreshing our body. A great storm of wind came and at that moment, I thought “we can not do any activity with the boys because the rain has arrived.” Just then, all the children came alive and we saw a happy face on each one of them. Even though the water was very cold, the boys ran across the football field, many of them saw an opportunity to play soccer, and I just smiled and realized that sometimes we have to enjoy the many things that we see as insignificant.

In Honduras, the children live happily because they enjoy every little seemingly insignificant detail, the children know what it is to play soccer in the middle of a storm and it is very fast. Childhood is playing cars and going out into the streets of our neighborhood playing with our neighbors and getting to our house at dinner time.

I am thankful for the lesson that my brothers from Senderos de Amor has given me, because many times I forget to enjoy the little details that fill our hearts with happiness.

If you’d like to sponsor opportunities like this, consider becoming a monthly donor for as little as $5 a month. Your donations help bring our mentor programs to children at Senderos de Amor, and other orphanages and impoverished communities in Honduras. You can be the ONE to making a WORLD of DIFFERENCE.

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