Blog 5 – A Good Day by Alex

Hello how are you? Well the truth is this week was the best I’ve had. Wow! It is amazing how our God Jesus cares for his children, gives them what they want, Jesus knows our hearts and fulfills our wishes and thus reflects His love towards us; He always wants us to be happy, I say this because God gave me consent in the deepest desires of my heart.

You may be asking why I’m starting this week’s blog this way? Well, about two or three months ago I longed for and wanted to see my classmates from school, but then I changed that desire and transformed it into a desire to see a known person from the school where I used to study.

My orphanage, CREA, gave me permission to rest for 3 days. On Friday, I went out and everything was good. On Saturday when I returned from school, I had lunch then my mentor picked me up and we went to another orphanage we always visit, Senderos;

There were volunteers from a church there. And the most exciting thing of all, was when I arrived at the place, I saw a young woman who was familiar to me. She was looking at me too and there was a thought that was going through my head: I know her, but I do not remember where I’ve seen her before. Until the doubt killed me and I said, I know you. Then she said, Me too. But my memory was still not clear how. Then she said, you’re Ruben. And I said “yes!” She said, you studied in my school, yes I answered. It was at that moment when I remembered. We started talking… This was something nice, nice, happy, it was a wish fulfilled that I never imagined that it was going to be fulfilled. I was practically forgetting that I had asked God for this, but it actually came true.

What I realized is, in one way or another, we pray for moments to happen, we want many things, but often we want them fast and sometimes this is not the case… we have to have patience. There is really a time for everything and I can say that we really have to wait, because it is never too late and Jesus wants us to be patient. He knows when to fulfill our wishes and when not. He simply wants us to be patient and happy, so that we can love him and understand his love for us and for others.

This is all I have, God bless and have a good and nice week bye, Ruben Alexander

Psalm 130: I pray to God—my life a prayer— and wait for what he’ll say and do. My life’s on the line before God, my Lord, waiting and watching till morning, waiting and watching till morning.

Written by Ruben Alexander Rivera translated and edited by Ernesto Sorto and Julie Sorensen

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