Blog 4 – Alexander’s Story

Hello, I hope all of you are well. I want to take a time to share a recent experience I had.

CREA (my home) was invited to an event with other Children’s Homes (orphanages) in our area. They gave us all food, refreshments, and we played soccer.

In a brief moment, I spoke with a volunteer, she was about 16 years old, and I asked her if she belonged to a children’s home and she said, “no, but I know what it feels like to be alone.” As soon as she said this, she left, and we did not continue our conversation again.

But that left me thinking… and the truth is, in that moment, I felt empty inside, as if the people around did not understand me, as if people did not pay attention to me. Yes, I often feel that way. I know many others like me feel this way and sometimes even worse.

Thankfully, this is what it felt like only in that instantaneous vacuum. I know the truth: that Jesus fills this gap in my life with his love, making me happy and keeping me smiling. Jesus can fill and heal every wound that we have in our heart. I know that many times in life we can feel empty. But I want to tell you from my experience that this emptiness can be filled by Jesus. He will give you attention, understanding and He is watching you, always, with love and joy.

This is my reflection today, it is a pleasure to share what I sometimes feel, and it is my hope sharing my testimony helps others. Have a happy day, bye.

Written by Ruben Alexander Rivera translated and edited by Ernesto Sorto and Julie Sorensen

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