Blog 2 – Alexander’s Story

Just another day, but is it?

After coming from school, I had dinner and changed my clothes, went down the stairs of the house, and then went outside to the backyard. I was eating something with Cholo (the house dog) and then looking up in the sky, I thought about the people who have been instrumental in helping me be different.

Some time ago, many people withdrew from my life, others continued, and my faith was diminishing until God sent me a family that was loving, protective, strict and above all… made me feel important, and through their love I have realized God loves me and He loves them too.


It is beautiful to see Jesus’ love manifested through people. The most important thing I now recognize that we have a heavenly Father who reminds us, who loves us, who keeps an eye on us, day and night. He will always love us, take care of us, respect us and transform our hearts. This is all, have a happy week. Goodbye.

Written by Ruben Alexander Rivera. Translated and edited by Ernesto Sorto & Julie Sorensen

Click here to learn about Heart4Honduras and how our programs are helping kids like Alex who live in orphanages. And, if you haven’t already done so, you can also read Alex’s first entry by clicking on the following link: Blog 1 – Alexander’s Story

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