Supporting our country’s future

On Saturday, I went to the capital city Tegucigalpa, Honduras to spend a day with Youth for Honduras, a transition program for young adults. When I met Cathrine Sørensen, the director and co-founder, all I could think of were the thousands of questions I had for her. Thank God, she had lots of patience with me!

We drove to a park to meet the youth and staff of the program for a special day of activities. I found myself getting a little nervous, that feeling you get when you want to make your best impression and make new friendships. But, once we began talking and playing games, that feeling went away… All of them were very kind and friendly. One of my best friends, who lives in the area, joined us and we both shared some very special moments with them. I truly thank God for the life of each these young people.

All this led me to reflect.What are we doing for the youth of our country? Young people have needs; they need love, someone who cares, someone to guide them to do the right thing, someone to be family, they need spiritual guidance, need to study, they need to eat. However, sometimes we are so focused on children, of whom no doubt need support too, we forget about our teens and young adults.

That’s why Heart4honduras was formed. Our plan to open a transition house is to create continued educational opportunities for young people aging out of orphanages, teaching them life-skills to live on their own and creating good citizens for society: to change Honduras. So, here is some important data about my country.

Suppose we take 100 Hondurans who started school.


Of those 100 only 30 Honduran enter into secondary schools.


Of those 30 only 6 Hondurans enter into college.

Support our transition house, and you can create a better future for these young people and Honduras.


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