Christmas for the forgotten by Alex

Hello, I am not best person, nor the worst, but I am changing my life. Because of the individual support I get, I live a different life than the others at my home. Some in the home or in the streets would like to have this lifestyle, but they can not … there is no possibility…

In the month of December for many, like me, it is difficult because we miss family and there are others that are locked in the orphanages they live in. But in CREA, when we get through the month of December and start into January; they congratulate those of us who make it through the month. We were able to transcend this festive month, we’ve made it through and it shows we’ve changed. Its nice. Other homes don’t share this celebration. Of course, there are some kids who brush off this accomplishment as being nothing, but others take it as a gift and say “Wow, they appreciate me here!” or “they care about the effort I make!” In this way, CREA helps us think differently. They help us have a desire to change and not let our minds be carried away by one single festive month. Sharing with others is valued here, and we learn to value what we have. We learn to value the people who are in front of us, to the left us and to the right because they are part of our life and we remember that all the time should be shared with those around us, to love each other, take care of our fellow brothers and above all, entrust them to our father God.

Blessings, and Happy New Year to all,
Rubén Alexander Meza Rivera

Written by Alex (translated, interpreted and edited by Julie & Ernesto)

To help kids like Alex, click the donate button below. Together we can build a brighter future for their tomorrows.

Published by Julie Sorensen

Living in southern NH, I am an art director, painter, runner, wife and mom to 3 amazing young people...

One thought on “Christmas for the forgotten by Alex

  1. Alex – what a change we’ve seen in you over the past two years. Its a privilege to get to know you in person and through your writings. And thanks to Julie for making it all possible; for making a big world very small.

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