When Our Hope Is Broken

In the last few days, I have seen myself around people who for a short time have doubts about their calling or their ministry and probably in a brief moment, their hope was broken. Do not worry, this will not be a discouraging note for your life, instead, this is something I wrote for people who have lost their hope.

We all have that moment in our life that we are not sure of what we are doing, negative thoughts come to our mind, fear and insecurity takes over our feelings, we no longer have authority and any reason alters our emotional state in an open and Close your eyes If you are one of those people let me tell you that this is totally normal, but it does not mean that everything is lost.

Many times in our lives we believe that giving up is the solution, for that I want you to accompany me in the advice I recommend.

1. A Relationship With God Can Change Our Environment.

Being praying and reading the word of God can change the environment of our lives, for the better. One of the words that most impacts my life is PERSISTENCE, but there are those moments in which we can not solve anything, our strengths are not enough to solve many things, and the simple fact of being calm and praying, can give the wind in our favour.

2. Get Rid of People that overPower Your Vision

Surrounding yourself with the right people, makes a big impact on success or fulfillment of your success. We all need that friend or relative who keeps us strong and does not let us fall, motivates us when he knows we are going through a bad time, knows that your vision is great, or, they share that same vision.

3. Persistence

Life is not about speed, it’s about persistence. Everything has its time and place, we just need to be persevering in what we do, without fear of fainting. One of the tips I take in my personal life is TO TAKE A DAY AT A TIME. Every day has its own worries, taking one day at a time will help you each day take the challenges of each day with the same strength as those you had the day before.

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