Nothing is Impossible


Day 5- by Ivan Sarmiento
Today was a day full of emotions, we got up at 5 am, got ready to go on a tour of Tela, expecting a good atmosphere, people enjoying the beach, expecting to see the private beach, Punta Sal, outside of society. I was filled with joy because I was with my friends and I felt special because I got to spend time with them after a long time apart.

On the boat I laughed with everyone, shared moments with everyone, there were drops of water on my face because the boat was so fast, then I reached my hand over the side and into the wake and sparking water flew throughout the boat.

Once we arrived on the island, I was surprised because it was not as I thought. I thought it was a place where antisocial people go, for those who do not want to share in society. But it was different. I realized that there are places to learn from and sometimes people need to see the importance of a place with not many people around. And sometimes people like to go to the beach, but they only go to the one they have always been accustomed to.

Maybe we are afraid to make different decisions and implement them because we are afraid to fail. We are accustomed with the little we have. One thing is certain but do not realize is that we can do new things, and at some point there may be failures, but if we try, someday we can improve and that will make us stronger and ultimately overcome anxiety and all our efforts will succeed. Also, when we try to do new things we discover who we really are and what we are capable of.

After this continuous journey and at the end of the day, all I felt was satisfaction because I now know a place that I did not imagine existed. I never expected to go to a place like this for situations where I am, maybe I do not have many financial resources to meet such of places. I can only say that God wanted me to know those places, he does it because I know he has a purpose for me, I can say that it is God’s grace. And I thank God for the beauties that he created.

If we stop we will continue in the same place and never know what we really want, but if we try, we will have experience and at the end we can do it because for God nothing is impossible.

We met Ivan on our first mission trip visiting his home at Senderos de Amor in San Pedro Sula, one of the orphanages we now serve. If you like Ivan’s story and you’re inspired to help or sponsor a trip like his for someone else, you can make a donation of $25 by clicking the button below. Your donation is tax-deductible. Help motivate and inspire someone today to build not only a better life for himself but a better future for their country Honduras.

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