What is your wish? (¿Cuál es tu deseo?) written by Alex

When I get up every morning, I ask a God in prayer to help me to turn away from evil and to guide me in everything I have to do, to forgive my faults and to help me to please with my actions. I wish the same for my family.


With gratitude in my heart, I have to acknowledge that for many years God has been faithful and fulfilled all this in me. I am grateful to my heavenly Father for his great goodness and his mercy.

In our prayers, we ask things of God. Sometimes we receive them immediately and on other occasions, we continue to wait, but we are sure we will always receive an answer. When we ask for the right thing, and we do not receive it, we should not despair. God wants to please us, but if He does not grant us our wish, its best to believe that it is for our own benefit.

I think you also have a desire you expect the Lord to fulfill in your own life, don’t you? What is your wish? It is my desire that God grant you the longing of your heart and fulfills His plans in you according to His will.

God loves you and he will give you what is best. Do you believe it?

From the editor: The preceding blog entry was entirely written by Alex then translated by Ernesto Sorto and edited by Julie Sorensen. I thought the following verse speaks to how God has worked in Alex’s life and who He continues to choose to lead… may my ears always be open to hear God’s voice whoever utters His truths ❤

1Cor1:27-31 Isn’t it obvious that God deliberately chose men and women that the culture overlooks and exploits and abuses, chose these “nobodies” to expose the hollow pretensions of the “somebodies”? That makes it quite clear that none of us can get by with blowing our own horn before God. Everything that we have—right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start—comes from God by way of Jesus Christ. That’s why we have the saying, “If you’re going to blow a horn, blow a trumpet for God.”

Published by Julie Sorensen

Living in southern NH, I am an art director, painter, runner, wife and mom to 3 amazing young people...

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