Beach Trip with Senderos de Amor!! by Angie Peña

Saturday, July 15th, 2017: A beach day, joy, food and fun with the beauty of Senderos, educators, family and volunteers.

This was my second “field trip” with all the residents of the house, but it was the first one out of town for me. It was a totally different experience with many challenges, fears and responsibilities but nothing that the joy of each child does not erase from our minds.

To see the delight and the emotion from the adults and children alike was very special. Appreciating their expressions, their games and jokes reminded me of my childhood, of the joy that came from living in groups and entering the delicious waters of the sea.

It touched my heart, in particular, seeing Danilo’s cheerful and happy reactions (his eagerness for joy!) Alone and without the help of anyone, he would go into the water and laugh non-stop. He would not stop fluttering in the water with laughter while expressing “Thank you, I’m happy and I’m enjoying myself to the fullest.” Those are moments that are precious and will always remain in our minds and hearts.


One of the funniest activities we experienced was the famous burying our friends in the sand. We did this for fun while waiting for those who prepared the tasty food with much love and dedication for the rest of the group.

Throughout our stay at the beach, we did not have much sun in our favor. However, we can say that we tanned, burned and were completely exhausted. But, at the end of the day, this was something that only hurt physically yet this occasion provided a joy, peace and satisfaction that is so unique, recorded as a very special treasure for a lifetime.

If you would like to help sponsor a future event like this one, click the link below. All funds go directly to serving the children living in Senderos and CREA homes. Our volunteers provide life-giving activities promoting mental, spiritual and physical health. Thank you for your support!

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