Angie’s Testimony

It’s been almost a year  that first Saturday when I visited Senderos de Amor again, a place I had only gone to a couple of times when I was little to drop off donations with my father and the church. Returning there last year and developing relationships with these boys since has been one of my greatest blessings.

This past Saturday was full of many emotions, laughter, mischief, games, fun, visits and I can really tell you that every day with these handsome boys is a new adventure and an incredible experience.


Part of this weekend was to share my testimony with my “guapuras” (as we affectionately call them). I told them a little of my personal history, my experiences when I faced economic, sentimental problems, moments when I did not have full support from my family, but only from A few friends who kindly offered me at least a roof where I could spend the nights.

Part of my talk with them was to help them see that no matter how many problems they face, no matter how many struggles and adversities must pass, they must always remain strong, stay firm and fight for those goals they have, fight for those desires to overcome and to be what they Want in their future and not let anything or anyone tell them that they can not or they are failures.

It was for me 100% gratifying, satisfying and positive seeing everyone so focused, listening to every word I said, even our dear Uncle Marlon was present! Although I’m not very good public speaker (especially sharing my personal life) I gave my best effort and it created this pleasant moment, and for me, a moment full of mixed feelings but at the same time, much peace. Sharing at Senderos de Amor always brings out the best in me and increases my desire to always want to do and give more for all Those who live there.

The most emotional and beautiful part of this Experience was when everyone came together to pray for my life, for my plans in the future, for my desires and longings; The love through their prayers filled my spirit with even more strength and hope! I thank God so much for guiding me to this place and allowing me to be part of each of their lives.

It has been an enormously gratifying and unforgettable experience to be able to feel how affectionate and grateful children can be. I’m blessed to share with great people like my fellow volunteers, the boys that I see every weekend through these visiting opportunities. Together we are a great family of love.

Published by Julie Sorensen

Living in southern NH, I am an art director, painter, runner, wife and mom to 3 amazing young people...

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