More than friends, a brotherhood

by Ernesto Sorto

Before I begin, I can only thank God first for meeting such wonderful people whom I consider friends but at the same time brothers (Proverbs 17:17).

Today is Saturday, May 13, 2017. I’m sitting in my chair thinking about how wonderful my day was and how much I enjoy sharing with others. Today I was at the home of Senderos de amor, when I arrived the first thing I thought was to spend a good time with them, and in my mind I brought a list of things I could do with them, and the following were the results:

1. War of Balloons with Water.
It’s quite remarkable to see the kids collaborate to fill each balloon with water (400 balloons), and not just collaborate, enjoy filling each of the balloons with water. On a hot day, this game is a blessing. Once we started the war, I could see the children’s smile, the harmony that existed with each other, the only thing I thought was … THIS IS HAPPINESS.

“Happiness is only real, when shared.” -Into the wild.

Some months ago, for unknown reasons, I did not have a devotion with the adolescents of the Hogar Senderos de Amor, and I remember that each devotional was excellent, and I could feel the presence of God at that moment. Today was the dday! Today was the day to do devotions once again. It struck me to see each of the boys focused on what God was talking about, and something that even more affected me, was the fact that the children joined our devotional and each one of them was focused, even the special children. I can only say that God was in that place and God touched our hearts.

“See how good and how delicious it is to live the brothers together in harmony!” -Psalm 133: 1

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