Backpack Fundraiser

GIVINGBACKpacks_senderosSenderos Orphanage in San Pedro Sula, Honduras is a home to 40+ boys who have been rescued from extreme poverty, who may have had problems of truancy, abuse, family breakdown, and/or abandonment. As you can imagine, there are many needs for these orphans and the facility runs completely on donations. My goal is to help fill some of those gaps by providing donations whenever possible.

In September 2016, through this backpack fundraiser, we were able to provide 35 boys with a brand new backpack, toothpaste, toothbrushes, power, deoderant, and 10 bedsheets for the disabled residents.

Thank you to all who prayed, gave, contributed… These gifts are only accomplished through your generosity! Thank you, thank you, thank you, from all the boys at Senderos Hogar, thank you…

Published by Julie Sorensen

Living in southern NH, I am an art director, painter, runner, wife and mom to 3 amazing young people...

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